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waterfalls in arizona
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Arizona’s Must See Waterfalls

Waterfalls In Arizona Arizona may be most famous for the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, and scorching heat, but it also has a few hidden gems- waterfalls. Yes, waterfalls in Arizona do exist - and…

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Daily Travel Costs In Dublin

As the capital of Ireland, Dublin is a uniquely eclectic city that has seen a strong revitalization in the past few years. From the Italian Quarter to The Temple Bar Neighborhood, Dublin is quickly…


The Best Tents for Backpacking

The Best Tents for Backpacking Arguably one of the most important pieces of gear in your pack, a backpacking tent is a home when you need it most. That's why we tested numerous tents to make sure we …


How To Beat Jet Lag

Beating jet lag is often on the mind of most frequent flyers once it's too late. Jet lag not only makes us cranky and puts our lives in a blur, but it can completely ruin short trips abroad. Becaus…

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Daily Travel Costs In Athens

As the cultural and political center of Greece for over 4,000 years, Athens is considered by many to be the birthplace of modern western civilization. Making it a sure-stop for any history-buff. Ho…

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Europe’s Most Unique Hotels

Europe's Most Unique Hotels When thinking of 'Europe's most unique hotels', one might think accommodations that are removed from the beloved culture and experience that is Europe. But that couldn'…

Lodging and Food

A Guide To Hostels In Europe

Hostels In Europe Hostels are by far the most popular way of saving money while traveling in Europe. Essentially hostels are stripped down hotels where rooms can range from private, to sharing wit…

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Daily Travel Costs In Madrid

Spain's capital for over 500 years, Madrid is an energetic and lively city boasting some of the countries best nightclubs, museums, restaurants, and world-famous soccer clubs. Luckily, Madrid offer…

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Daily Travel Costs In Berlin

Berlin is easily among one of the cheapest major European cities to visit. With fair pricing for hotels, affordable food, and a vibrant night life - Berlin is a wonderful city for the adventurer on a …


The Best Travel Cameras Under $300

The Best Travel Cameras Under $300 There are plenty of “Best Cameras For Travel” lists out there. Most of them aren’t all that great – so we’ve tried to write a better guide while keeping a budget in…