Best Time to Visit Krakow Poland


Krakow, Poland is thought to be the true cultural capital of Poland. Not only that, but it was named the European Capital of Culture by the European Union in 2000.

The city boasts some of the best museums in the country and is home to the best Polish theaters too. There are more than fifty cultural festivals held in Krakow every year.

Market Square in Krakow

Market Square in Krakow

Best Time to visit Krakow?

The best times to visit Krakow are between May and August. Although this is peak tourist season, the temperatures will allow you to walk around the city and enjoy many of the city’s best seasonal summer festivals. Including:

  • International Film Festival (May)
  • Juwenalia Student Festival (May)
  • Lajkonik Parade (June)
  • Enthronement of the Cock King (June)
  • Wreaths (Wianki) Midsummer Festival (June)
  • Summer Jazz Festival 
  • Jewish Culture Festival (June- July)
  • Krakow Summer Animation Days (July)
  • Festival of Military Bands (July)
  • Street Theater Festival(July)
  • Music in Old Krakow (July)
  • Krakow Jazz Festival (July)
  • International Summer Festival of Organ Music (July – August)
  • Folk Art Fair (August)

Additionally, the summer nights are a wonderful time to enjoy the city’s hundreds of pubs and bars around Market Square. Many of which have a unique historical theme and atmosphere.

krakow festival photo

Photo by limaoscarjuliet

Visiting Krakow During Other Times of the Year

March – April

Poland as a whole has yet to be released from its winter weather so the outdoor energy will be lacking. April temperatures can vary though, with some years being more comfortable than others.

September – November

Fall is a wonderful time to visit Krakow. The temperatures will on the decline are still comfortable with a sweater or light jacket. These months are optimal for budget travelers as room rates will be lower and there is greater availability.

December – February

The winter in Poland is not easy and frigid temperatures will down the experience. Room rates will be the cheapest during this time period but the visiting experience may not warrant the lower rates. That said, Christmas in Krakow is quite the experience – the market square is filled with merchants and szopki (gingerbread houses) fill the season.


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