Best Traveling Apps

Best Traveling Apps

Mobile apps for your cell phone or tablet can be tremendously useful while you’re away from home traveling.

Most of these devices already come preloaded with basic applications such as an alarm clock or calculator but there are plenty of additional apps out there that can make your trip less stressful.

We’ve compiled a list of what we feel are the best traveling apps available as of 2015. The list is tailored for iOS devices but many of these recommendations are also available for Android. These apps should help you navigate new places, cross language barriers with greater ease, and in general help make your life easier on the go.


TripIt: An itinerary organizer that saves all your trip details in one place. Works with all your online reservations too.

TripAdvisor: gives you access to millions of user reviews of restaurants, hotels, and sights.

Oanda’s Currency Converter: its tremendously helpful to know current exchange rates to ensure you get a decent rate when converting.

Google Maps: Arguably the best mapping application in existence today. It works in plenty of countries to various degrees and helps you figure how not only how to get somewhere but what’s around.

Google Translate: type or say something in a foreign language and get Google to translate the meaning or do the reverse.

Duolingo: Free app to use to learn another language. Daily exercises and an easy to use interface makes this an easy pick.

Onavo: helps decrease your data usage by funneling your data through a cloud based compression service. Don’t underestimate your data usage on the go.

Skype: when you’re on the road, Skype let’s you keep connected with family and friends. You can use WiFi or forward Skype’s services to a local number.

Google Hangouts: Allows you to call your family from your computer or from your phone via WiFi for free.

Pocket: Our go to app for saving articles and clips from around the web. Simply fantastic for reading when your away from an internet connection.



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