Daily Travel Costs In Berlin


Berlin is easily among one of the cheapest major European cities to visit. With fair pricing for hotels, affordable food, and a vibrant night life – Berlin is a wonderful city for the adventurer on a budget who doesn’t want to compromise on fun.

Daily Travel Costs In Berlin

Outlined below are the average costs (in Euro €) you can expect to incur when visiting Berlin as a budget traveler.

Cost of Food and Drink

Berlin is a wonderful city for anyone who wants to eat a hearty meal on a budget. The city is packed with cheap food stands from all different cultures, including affordable local cuisine such as Wurst (or sausage) stands.

Beer houses and pubs are a great place to stop for dinner, where you can find a filling, but affordable meal.

  • Breakfast: €3-€7*
    • Coffee: €2
  • Lunch: €4-€10
  • Dinner: €6-€10
    • Beer/Wine: €1-€3
  • Dessert: €1

*Some hostels have a ‘free’ breakfast if you are tight on money. Although, don’t expect more than juice/cereal/croissant.


Berlin is certainly traveler friendly when it comes to hostels/hotels. It’s possible to even find hostels for as cheap as €10/night. But I would suggest budgeting about €20/night/per person for a hostel. Below are the average spectrum of costs (per person) you can expect to incur for hostels/hotels in Berlin:

  • Hostels: €15-€30.
  • Hotels: €35-€100

If you decide to get a hotel, consider leaving the cleaning personnel a Euro or two everyday.

berlin photo

Reichstag Parliament Building


 There are many sights to see in Berlin, and you can get away with seeing most popular sites for free/relatively cheap. Be sure to also check out the free walking tour, it is one of the best walking tours we’ve been on.

  • Reichstag Parliament Building: FREE (a really cool building with a modern design.)
  • Walking Tour: FREE (consider tipping the guide a few €. Start at the Bradenburg Gate.)
  • Holocaust Memorial: FREE
  • Tiergarten Park: FREE (a large romantic park.) Find out more here
  • Grunewald Forest: FREE (great for hiking trails, and getting away from the city)
  • Fleemarkets:  (There are numerous fleemarkets throughout the city on the weekends!)
  • Beerpit Karaoke: FREE (a hilariously popular Karaoke display for anyone brave enough to go up. Drawing huge crowds it’s usually every Sunday in Mauerpark, and in the winter Saturdays at the Hafenbar.) Find out more here
  • Pergamon Museum: €12 (collections include artwork and artifacts from Greece, Rome, and the Middle East.)
  • Neus Museum: €10 (a museum for lovers of antiquity.)


Berlin is a large city, but luckily the Germans are well known for their robust public transport.

  • Taxi, Airport to City Center: €35
  • Taxi in Berlin: about €5/mile
  • Bike Rental: €15
  • Berlin Bus+Metro:
    • Single one way: €2
    • Day Pass: €7
    • Seven Day: €30

Best Time To Go

Berlin is a ‘young’ city at heart, and because of this there is always something to do year round. But you may need to consider other things like weather, and tourism, when you’re planning your trip.

Winters in Berlin can be rough for visitors, with low temperatures (starting to lower in October) and a good chance of snow. Because of this our favorite time to visit Berlin is May through September. The weather will be comfortable and there are a ton of fun activities and events to do. Check out Beer Fest in August, Cultural Festival and Carnival in May, and Oktoberfest in Septemeber.

Because tourism is highest in July and August, be sure to book accomodations ahead of time.

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