Daily Travel Costs In Dublin


As the capital of Ireland, Dublin is a uniquely eclectic city that has seen a strong revitalization in the past few years.

From the Italian Quarter to The Temple Bar Neighborhood, Dublin is quickly becoming one of the most hip and popular cities in Europe! Of course, with popularity comes higher prices, and Dublin is no exception. If you’re not careful with your budget (particularly with night life), you may find yourself spending more than you originally intended.

However, Dublin is not all trendy cafes, clubs, and unique eateries. It still holds some of its beloved historical sites and identities with as much pride as ever before. Making it a wonderful city to visit for everyone.

Daily Travel Costs In Dublin

Outlined below are the average costs (in Euro €) you can expect to incur when visiting Dublin as a budget traveler.

Daily Travel Costs In Dublin

Cost of Food and Drink

The cost of food and drink is one area where Dublin is not your friend. The very center of town (or tourist area) is going to have the most expensive meals, as well as stereotypical ‘Irish’ food that isn’t actually Irish at all (looking at you corned beef and cabbage!). So if possible do some exploring away from tourist areas.

Another way to get around higher prices is to use grocery stores for breakfast and lunch, where you can put a meal together for cheap. For dinner, check out the local pubs, where they offer good food thats fairly priced.

  • Breakfast: €4-€7*
    • Coffee: €2
  • Lunch: €6-€12
  • Dinner: €9-€20
    • Beer/Wine: €5
  • Dessert: €2-€3

*Some hostels have a ‘free’ breakfast if you are tight on money. Although, don’t expect more than juice/cereal/croissant.


Despite high prices with just about everything in Dublin, hostels luckily won’t break the bank. Priced somewhat similiarly to other European countries, hostels will be your best bet for staying within a decent budget range. Hotels, on the other hand, are very expensive and only start getting nice once you reach the €100/night range.

  • Hostels: €15-€25
  • Hotels: €70-€200

If you decide to get a hotel, consider leaving the cleaning personnel a Euro or two everyday.

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If free is your aim, then the walking tour, St. Stephen’s Green, and the National Gallery of Ireland should suffice. However, if all that walking makes you thirsty (and you feel like splurging a little), check out either the Guinness Storehouse or the Old Jameson Distillery for a tasting and tour.

  • Guinness Storehouse: Starting At €16 (Famous tour of the brewery, with a pint included!)
  • Dublin Castle: €5 (Includes tour.)
  • Viking Tours: €22 (An exciting Dublin tour on both land AND water.)
  • National Gallery of Ireland: FREE (A beautiful museum including Irish and European Art.)
  • Old Jameson Distillery: €16 (Tour and tasting.)
  • Walking Tour: FREE
  • St. Stephen’s Green: FREE (The city’s beloved park.)


The bus system is probably your best bet for getting around because it’s a little more developed than the tram system. However, you probably won’t need public transport that often because Dublin is a fairly small city. And not to mention a beautiful city to explore on foot.

  • Taxi, Airport to City Center: €25
  • Taxi in Dublin: about €5/mile
  • Dublin Bus + Tram:
    • Single one way (bus): €1.50
    • 5-day (bus): €30
    • Single one way (tram):  €1.75
    • 7-day (tram): €25

Daily Travel Costs In Dublin

Best Time To Go

Whether you’re coming to Dublin for the partying or the history – it’s important to know which seasons are more expensive and troublesome than others.

In terms of weather, it’s essentially mild all year long- with summers not being too hot, and winters not being too cold. Because of these comfortable summers though, Dublin sees it’s highest turnout of tourists and in turn higher prices.

Despite these higher prices, we believe the summer season to be the best time to go. Because not only is the city livelier, and the weather more comfortable, but you’ll also be avoiding the wet season in the fall. Furthermore, the holiday winter season sees an increase in price as well, so if you’re going to pay a little more- it might as well be during a beautiful Dublin summer.


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