Europe's Most Unique Hotels

Igloos view from air Kakslauttanen JPG

Europe’s Most Unique Hotels

When thinking of ‘Europe’s most unique hotels’, one might think accommodations that are removed from the beloved culture and experience that is Europe.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, I consider these hotels to be more a part of European culture than the typical tourist-trap that runs rampant within Europe.

Some are corky, some are down right luxurious, and some mold themselves into (and become a part of), the natural European landscape. Making these hotels not only unique, but more aligned with the European mindset and culture of past and present, and something that needs to be experienced first-hand.


Katikies Hotel

kat poolLocation: Greece
Website: Katikies Hotel
Closest Airport: 
Santorini Airport

Located on the beautiful island of Santorini, the white-washed village of Oia offers unparalleled views while transporting you to a different time.

The landscape takes the cake at the Katitikies Hotel. Whether pool-side, at the restaurant, or from your balcony, staring out into the Aegean is not only relaxing – but it connects you to the Greek culture in a unique way.


Accommodations are certainly not short at the Katikies with 3 pools, a bar and restaurant, an in-house fashion boutique, wine-tasting, and wedding planning services to just name a few.

Katikies Hotel Accommodation 10

You can really tell they paid careful attention to seamlessly connecting the hotel to the natural landscape.

The Katikies Hotel does a fantastic job of blending natural beauty, with top-notch luxury and service. Making it easy to see why it is one of the most beloved destinations in the world.

La Rosa Campsite

marquee exteriorLocation: U.K.
Website: La Rosa Campsite
Closest Airport:
Leeds Bradford Airport

Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a carnival tent? Well now you can!

This corky campground is La Rosa Campsite Extraordinaire and is located in The North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

La Rosa takes a twist on the traditional campground with carnival tents and gypsy wagons, with funky and kitsch interiors.

mr toadSpread out over a 20-acre lot, the campground takes pride in being environmentally friendly with recycled and reclaimed objects.

The grounds are also low-impact on the environment with low light-pollution, low chemical-pollution, and always respecting of the local wildlife.

la rosa caravan

The La Rosa also has a hotel! (La Rosa Hotel), which carries a similar charm of the campsite. The hotel is sea-side and is an early Victorian located on West Cliff in Whitby.


Ice Hotel


ICEHOTEL 2016. ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL  Jukkasjärvi. Design: “Tribute” by Elin Julin, Marinus Vroom and Jens Thoms Ivarsson. Photo: Asaf Kliger

Location: Sweden
Website: Ice Hotel
Closest Airport:
Kiruna Airport

Founded in 1989, The Ice Hotel was the world’s first of its kind, and to this day continues to astound.

A true masterpiece of art, the hotel is created every year by 100+ artists from around the world and made from the wild waters of the Torne River. In Spring, the hotel melts, awaiting the winter once again to be rebuilt.

ART & DESIGN book 2015, ICEHOTEL, iCelebrate25, Suite 315, Polar Night design by Hans Abrahamsson och Ann-Louice Abrahamsson.

ART & DESIGN book 2015, ICEHOTEL, iCelebrate25, Suite 315, Polar Night design by Hans Abrahamsson och Ann-Louice Abrahamsson.  Photo: Paulina Holmgren

Every room is considered a unique piece of art, and it’s easy to see why.  The attention to detail is mind-boggling, and makes me wonder how they are able to do this every year.

Seeing about 60,000 visitors a year, the hotel usually has about 60 rooms, depending on the year of course!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Martin Smedsén

Photo: Martin Smedsén

The Ice Hotel takes it even a step further by offering one-of-a-kind experiences like weddings and baptisms.

Along with the hotel, The Ice Church is built next door, which is turned over to the Church of Sweden on the 25th of December.

Every year the church sees over 100 wedding ceremonies, including couples who wish to renew their vows.

Cabanes Als Arbres

Oooh (4)Location: Spain
Website: CatalanBasque
Closest Airport(s): Girona-Costa Brava Airport, Bilbao Airport

High up in the trees of the forested region of north eastern Spain, you can find some of the coolest tree houses around.

In the Catalan county of La Selva there are 10 tree houses, each named after a different bird, which are a uniquely perfect getaway for any nature lover.


There is also a brand new location of tree houses in the Basque region of Zeanuri. Among the 4 luxurious tree houses in Zeanuri, are 2 of the highest tree houses in Europe! (55 feet off the ground)

All of the tree houses can hold 2-4 people and some even have running water, electricity, and a shower. While the others are candlelit for true intimacy and serenity.

Great amenities like a Finnish spa, and breakfast that you pull up to your tree house via basket, take relaxation to a whole new level.
Oooh (7)
For those wishing to keep their feet on the ground, they also have gypsy wagons and a ‘farmhouse’ which has a cafe, computer room, and a living room.

Attrap Rêves

bubblenightLocation: France
Website: Attrap Reves
Closest Airport: Marseille Provence Airport

In France, family owned Attrap Reves is offering a quirky yet special experience within the countryside.

Their ecological tents, or bubbles, allow you to star gaze from the comfort of your bed. Even cooler, they provide you with a telescope and a star chart so you can get the full experience of ‘sleeping under the stars’.

Each of their bubbles vary with individual identities, but all have a private bathroom and shower, as well as private parking.


There are 5 types of bubbles to choose from:  Love Nature, Zen, Glamour, 1001 nights or Chic & Design. Each bubble varies on design, aesthetic, and function.

If privacy is your concern, certain bubbles have tinted out areas for your protection.


Attrap’ Rêves also offers breakfast, a gourmet dinner, a masseuse, and private time in the Jacuzzi.

They also have fantastic walking tours of the local area where you can witness popular caves as well as Roman ruins.


Kakslauttanen Artic Resort

Igloos view from air Kakslauttanen JPGLocation: Finland
Website: Kakslauttanen Artic Resort
Closest Airport:
Ivalo Airport

250km north of the Article Circle, you can find a resort unlike any other.

The Kakslautten Artic Resort is located in Finnish Lapland, some of the cleanest and purest land on Earth.

Here you’ll find beautiful log cabins, snow igloos, and most popular of all: glass igloos, which are perfect for viewing The Northern Lights from your own bed.

They also have accommodations suiting specific needs: group cabins, the ‘wedding chamber’, and even Santa’s Home!

2012-11-15 23.04.29

Photo by: Ralf Frey

Don’t get too cozy in your cabin though, there’s a ton of activities when you’re at the North Pole: Ice fishing, husky + reindeer safaris, snow mobiling, cross-country skiing, hiking, gold panning, and more.

They also have smoke saunas and a great restaurant when you want to unwind.


The early beginnings of the resort are said to have taken root in the early 1970’s. The now-owner was said to have been driving in the remote land when his car broke down, and he had to spend the night in just a tent. He fell in love with the land and eventually built a cabin, then a cafe, and ultimately the resort.

With all the comforts of home in one of the most remote areas of the world, it’s easy to see why the Kakslauttanen resort is as loved as it is.


Great Orme Lighthouse Llandudno

Lamp Room (0212)

Photo by: Steve Thomas

Location: Wales
Website: The Lighthouse
Closest Airport:
 Liverpool John Lennon Airport/Hawarden Airport

Constructed in 1862, this stunning lighthouse could easily be mistaken for a medieval castle or fortress. In 1985, the ‘optic’ (or light), was removed and thus born the quaint and warm bed and breakfast that it is today.

The property sits within the Great Orme National Park, making The Lighthouse a fantastic getaway for those seeking peace and quiet.

Exterior from above (0208)

Photo by: Steve Thomas

However, The Lighthouse offers much more than just beautiful scenery.

Located just two miles from the seaside town of Llandudno, here you’ll find numerous pubs, restaurants, shopping centers, and a theatre.

There are also several activities nearby to choose from: skiing, golf, tennis, windsurfing, sailing, fishing and horseback riding.

Exterior rear (0330)

Photo by: Steve Thomas

The tranquility, history, and beauty of The Lighthouse, make it a truly unique destination within Europe.

While many other hotels, and tourist destinations look to attract potential visitors with gimmicks and tricks, The Lighthouse is a beacon that seeks to preserve local history, beauty, and most of all – charm.

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